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How To Decorate Your Nursery On A Budget

How To Decorate Your Nursery On A Budget

The moment I found out I was pregnant with Jay, I was over the moon with joy. Well part of it also because I would get to decorate his nursery and I wanted to have all the best things for him.

But soon enough, I realised having a baby is not cheap. Everything  costs money. Once you add up all the necessities, it doesn't leave much for everything else. So having a $1500 crib or a $700 cabinet or $300 designer lights would not work if you have a budget to stick to. 

There are many ways to decorate a nursery without going over the budget. The most important thing is choosing a style you love and stick to it. Pinterest will be your best friend. Once you establish the look you're going for, then start browsing through online furniture stores for things . It is honestly the best way to grab bargains that you don't normally find at the stores. Or Do you have an old chair or dresser that have been sitting in the garage for years ? If yes then up cycle it !! There are plenty of DIY online tutorials to follow.  You will be surprised with what you end up with. Check out the local thrift store, you might stumble across something interesting and unique.

The point is just have fun and be creative. I know that you might be asking yourself "Why am I doing this ? I'm already so exhausted from carrying this baby, let alone doing any of these things !". Well let me tell you this my friend, you'll be glad when that moment comes as you're looking like a zombie while trying to calm this crying baby of yours. At least your nursery is looking perfect and the only thing that is going right in your world.

Images via Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

I have put together a compilation of some 'cheap and cheerful' decor from various NZ online stores and good old Kmart. Hopefully you will find this helpful when it come to decorate your very own nursery. If you're reading this and there is an Ikea store near you. I hate you. Just kidding.

Here is where to find them and how much they cost:

1. Asta Chair from Mocka / $99.95 

2. Side Table from Kmart / $19

3. Shaggy Rug White from Kmart / $59

4. Loop Handle Basket Natural from Kmart / $18

5. Monsteria Artificial Plan from Kmart / $35

6. Class Cot White from The Sleep Store / on sale at $179

7. Zion Mirror from Ezi Buy / $19

8. Retro Pendant Light from Lighting Plus / $139.30

9. Palm Leaf Green Wallpaper from Graham Brown / $30 a roll

10. Print Art from Kmart / $10

11. Floating Shelf Natural from Mocka / $39.95

Let me know how you decorate your nursery in the comment below ? Did you break the bank for it ?

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